Inflatable Kayaks 2-Hour

$35/Single Duckie
Single or Double Duckie 2 hour Up to Class III Rapids

Control the Adventure

If you’re looking for a more interactive ride where you’re in control of your own craft, the inflatable kayaks, or “Duckies” are the trip for you. When riding in a Duckie you experience a lower profile than in a raft, making the waves look and feel much larger.

Our Inflatable Kayak trips run along the same schedule as all of our rafting trips. With each trip you’ll be accompanied by a guide explaining the right path to take through the river as well as how to play and surf your inflatable kayak. “Duckies” are good for Ages 9 and up.

Great for ages 9 and up

Stunning Mountain & Wildlife Scenery

Up to Class III Rapids

Return Shuttle

Pricing Chart

Experience the beauty of Southwestern Colorado for 2 hours on your own Duckie. Prices differ on Duckie size, but the trip remains the same.

Single Duckie
One Person
  • Return Shuttle
  • Basic Training & Safety
  • Accompanied Guide Throughout
Double Duckie
Two Person
  • Return Shuttle
  • Basic Training & Safety
  • Accompanied Guide Throughout


For stunning views and to control the adventure then the Duckie is for you!


The adventure begins at the north end of Durango and continue through Historic Downtown Durango

Guided One the Right Path

Our guides will acccompany you throughout so you can know that you’re on the best route!

Return Shuttle

After 2 hours of kayaking, you will be shuttled back to your vehicle.

For more info about Flexible Flyers Rafting Trips, contact us.

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