About Us

Since 1983 Flexible Flyers has Rapid thrill river trips. Ask the locals - we are the most trusted Animas River outfitting company for your floating and whitewater trips. With fewer flips, swims, and saves than all other local raft companies, we actually do have Durango’s most experienced and qualified guides.

Our meeting place has been on the river for the last 30 years for one simple reason - "We are a river company, not an office company." That mindset is reflective of our mission: We provide fun, friendly, family-oriented rafting adventures. Our customers become our friends and they return year after year to raft the Animas River with us.

Safety Never Takes A Vacation

All Flexible Flyers guides have a minimum of three years’ guiding experience and are First-Aid and CPR Certified. Most have more extensive training in Swift Water Rescue I, II, and II in addition to EMT and Wilderness First Responder skills.

Meet Our Guides

Erik Jorgensen

Owner and operator of Flexible Flyers Rafting. He's seen it all in his 22 years of professional whitewater guiding.  Starting his rafting career as a little boy in the high San Juan mountains his father would take him down some of the best rivers Colorado and New Mexico has to offer.  Growing up on the San Juan River, then exploring new and different rivers across the country from far east coast to the lands of Alaska. While traveling through Latin America he played and guided on rivers in Guatamala, El Salvador, and Panama.  When you do not see him on the river he is most likely driving his favorite bus "The Cowboy" for the customers.  In the off season he spends most his time traveling, laying on a beach, or skiing at some of his favorite resorts as well as his secret backcountry stashes. Good luck locating him when the rivers are not running.

Peter Allmann

Originally from Wisconsin I moved to Colorado to explore and enjoy all there is to offer. Snowboarding, backcountry runs and hard work fill my winters. During the summer season I enjoy the nearby mountains running and hiking with my dog Kona but being on the river is my ideal time. I’ve been rafting on the Animas River in Durango for five years. I’m head guide and it’s my fourth year with Flexible Flyers. I have done different types of boating on western rivers, some of my favorites include Westwater and Desolation/Gray Canyons. The Animas I know very well but when I’m out on longer multiday trips it is cool to know I have my Wilderness First Aid certification and other certifications that would come in handy if needed. My newest hobby is volunteer firefighting and working towards my EMT. See you soon!

Kjristen Territ

My name is Kjirsten and I’ve been commercially guiding since 2005. I grew up on the Animas River and Durango is my hometown. I love sharing the history of the place with clients on the water. I’ve also gotten to row many other beautiful rivers in many places with some of my favorites being the Dolores River, the Salt River, the Okoee and Nolichucky, and the Grand Canyon. When I’m not sharing my passion and love for rivers with friends and clients I teach high school English.


Soon to come our new trusting dog Canyon!  Canyon will be there waiting to greet you with kisses and a friendly dog smile.  At Flexible Flyers we believe it is important to have a good dog around to guide us in the right direction.  Every now and then you might even see Canyon on the boats telling the guides the best way down the river.  Stop by to give Canyon a pet and a big hug as he is always happy.  

Adrianne Petrilla

Hi! My name is Addy and my first whitewater rafting trip was on the Ocoee River in Tennessee, where I grew up. I decided to become a professional river guide after I took a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon when I was 22. I trained on the Arkansas River in Buena Vista, Colorado in 2011 and worked there for several summers for a wonderful company called Performance Tours. I have rafted many rivers in the southeast, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Zealand, and Nepal. I love being part of the river community because it allows me to travel, introduces me to unique and inspiring friends, challenges me and forces me to grow, and always leaves me humbled by the power and beauty of Mother Nature. I enjoy guiding because I get to teach guests about the river, its wildlife, geology, the local history and because every day is different. If you are on my boat, you might learn something new or we might just relax and appreciate floating down the beautiful Animas River together. When I'm not on the river I enjoy mountain biking, backpacking, cooking, art, and music. 2018 marks my third summer guiding for Flexible Flyers and I am so stoked to be part of such a talented and fun team

Tyson Peterson

Tyson found himself on raft before he could walk, but his first major expedition wasn’t until his journey down the Grand Canyon in 2003 where he co-captained a 12’ Aire down the canyon.  His first commercial experience began with Pagosa Outside in 2005. He has since worked for Mountain Waters, Pagosa Rafting Outfitters and has been with Flexible Flyers off and on since 2009.  Tyson enjoys being on the water with his most recent expedition taking him down the Grand Canyon in 2015 where he captained an 18’ Cat.


David Scott

David is a Durango native and grew up near the Animas river. After graduating from Durango High School he moved to the Pacific North West for university and also became a river guide. In addition to running the Animas he has also run the Wenatchee, Yakima, Deschutes, White Salmon, Columbia, and Mekong River. David returned to Durango in 2017 and joined the Flexible Flyers Rafting team. 

Kylee Williams

Hi! I am Kylee and i'll be the first person you'll see and or talk to over the phone for your Flexible Flyers Trips!  I hail from Schurz, Navada in the middle of the Great Basin Desert.  How did a desert rat like me come across a river rafting company?  By the desire to cool off in the water during hot summers!  Though I'm not a raft guide, I make sure everything runs smoothly at our home base before, during, and after trips.  I've been with Flexible Flyers Rafting for the past 3 years and can answer any questions you have prior to your trip.  As a frequent passenger on our trips, I can guarantee you'll have a great time!  Just...  don't wear cotton or flip flops.

Zachary Malamphy

Hey there, my name is Zach, I was born and raised in southern Pennsylvania. I first visitied Colorado in 2011, and ever since that trip I've dreamed of moving to this most scenic and adventure filled area. After visiting for six Winters in a row, I finally packed my car and drove west early winter in 2017. During the winters I work at Purgatory resorts while attempting to advance my skills on a snowboard. I've even started to venture into the backcountry, which has futhered my apperitation for the sport and this state. While working at the mountain during my first winter, I met the owner and operator of Flexible Flyers Rafting, he gave me the opportunity to join his team on the waters this season. I'm very excited to meet all of you and to show you how peaceful and awesome the Animas River is running through Durango.

Sam Fleitz

I'm a 20 year old student currently attending college in Flagstaff Arizona at the University of Northern Arizona. I'm studying to get my undergraduate in Film Production and Computer Science. I've lived in the Durango area for the past 16 years, I absolutely love this area of Colorado! I'm a skier through and through, and have been for the past 13 years. This is my first year as a raft guide and I am so excited to be apart of such a wonderful team on my favorite river in the best city in Colorado!